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Temp for traeger

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Hey I'm trying to keep the trigger at 180 which is the setting and it doesn't go below 225 do I have a problem
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Why would you want to smoke at 180? Basically, a lower temp just means a longer cook time.

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You need to adjust ur p settings. Someone will comment. I can't remember if higher is hotter or lower.
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I don't think so. I have my Traeger set at P 3 but use 225 for most smokes. Some time if I am ahead of time for dinner I may set down to 180. You are not going to be exact, outside temp. will vary you actual temp. Also are you going by Tenp. Guage on top of unit?

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Thank you!

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Thank you   very helpful....I did that with paper clip and needed because I am in warmer climate ...  Scottsdale in the summer...   the meat will smoke without it on basically.... 

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