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New to the Group

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My name is Betty and I am from Port Orchard, WA.  I do not have a box smoker but a ceramic grill that I am having a blast with.  I have just smoked my first bacon and was steered to this group from my Kamado Guru group.  I am looking forward to reading all the messages on this board for great hints and recipes.


Thanks for letting me join.

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Hi Betty! Welcome from Oregon! So much to learn here, and all of these guys are so knowledgable. You will really enjoy your time here!

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Thank you. Hope I can add to the group. I know I will learn a lot.
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Hey guy I'm new to this. I'm from east Texas and getting into smoking and so far I've done pork loin and it turned out great. Now I'm waiting to do a beef roast for a family get together and was wondering was is the best way to do it
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