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Brisket on an Egg - QView

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Hey all,


Been a real busy summer so far so have not had time to post much, but I have been smoking!


I have been having fun testing out the differences in smoking on my BGE vs. my WSM and so why not use this excuse to smoke a nice brisket I had lying around!




I trimmed a little of the fat, folded the sucker into and extra large zip lock, and marinated it for about 14 hours, here is the recipe of the marinade I used:


- 1 Cup Bourbon

- 1 Cup Brown Sugar

- 1 Cup Olive Oil

- 1 Cup Mustard

- 1 Cup Worcestershire Sauce




Next, I took it out of the fridge and sprinkled a bit of Kosher salt and Black Pepper, and finally onto the Egg at about 235F;




At an IT of 165 I wrapped in foil with some beef broth;



Finally pulled it off once it passed my toothpick test (I think the IT was about 203F). Final product;




Came out incredibly moist and once again a huge success. The egg is great for holding temps during these long I actually got some sleep...but it did not give it that nice smoke ring that my WSM gives.





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KB, Excellent job on the brisket ,it looks scrumptious!!!!!:points:

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Tasty looking brisky!
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Originally Posted by CrazyMoon View Post

KB, Excellent job on the brisket ,it looks scrumptious!!!!!points.gif

Thanks bud...made some burnt ends too but those were gone before I could take a picture!
Originally Posted by b-one View Post

Tasty looking brisky!

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