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Who long to smoke 2 chickens at once?

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I'm smoking 2 whole chickens in an electric smoker. I'm assuming the time will not double from what it would normally be for a single chicken, but how much time will it take? Do I just add up the # of pounds and work off of that?



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You do not double the time it will not take much more time to do two as opposed to one usually not even enough to notice
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If you can maintain the same chamber temp that you use for one chicken when you have two chickens loaded, the smoking time will be the same as for one chicken.  Works the same for pork butts, briskets, etc. 

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There is no "special Timing " for Smoking , temp. is the lead to follow . Use a good thermometer and after about 1.5hrs. , start taking the temp. in the Thighs and Breast . Place your probe I the thickest part of the meat ( without touching any bones) and when you reach 165*F in the Thigh. The Breast may be  a bit higher but no problem . Your Chickens will be done and juicy ; the flavor is up to you. I like to suggest a simple SPOG for beginners . You may try to Spatchcock the Birds and have a cleaner , easier cook.


Hope we helped , have fun and . . .

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Yeah it's a valid question.  I guess as long as the chamber temp is maintained, then smoking time should in effect be the same.  I would assume you would have larger over and underruns though.

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It does take slightly longer because you are putting more cold mass in the smoker at the start but it's not usually enough to make any big change to the over all time

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