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Hi all,
I have been reading smoking sites for a real long time. I built a wood firedsmoker out of an old oval fuel tank about 7 years ago, but living in ND it is hard to get a constant tried and true temp throughout the year. I am now currently in the process of design and build of a propane fired system that I will be using a 250 gallon round tank. (60"x36") I mostly enjoy smoking ribs, pork butts, and whole chickens, and recently started dabbling in small town rib contests. I find it a nice relaxing way to blow an entire Saturday vs mowing the lawn. It will be a great time I think getting to know and chat with the people on here as they have way more knowledge than I do, but I am willing to learn!! My name is Allen, I own a small town bar/cafe, and want to take my skills up a notch (or 5) hope to hear more great ideas soon!