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Butcher Paper for Brisket

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Hi Guys


On "another" forum there is some debate about the type of butcher paper that Arron Franklin uses to wrap his briskets and where to get it in the UK, There are even You Tube videos showing his tests examples between foil and Paper, so obviously as his briskets are the dogs, butcher paper is now vogue 


I discovered he uses 18inch x 40lb Texas Pink Butchers paper from ABCO paper company in Austin Texas but I understand that any untreated Kraft paper (brown or white) is just the same idea, is it?

pinkbutcherpaper-alt.png 972k .png file

texas-butcher-paper-200x100.png 621k .png file


However here is the question ......."What weight in UK gsm is the US 40LB paper that Franklin uses?


As the American paper weighting system can vary depending on the paper usage it could be anywhere from 50gsm to 150gsm, Kraft paper here I believe is around 70gsm to 90gsm


So does anybody know????????

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  Don't know if this helps, but I think in the U S the weight of paper is what a ream (500 sheets) of 17" x 22" paper weighs, although this may only apply to business papers.

  A G K

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Yeah that's basis weight but they have........


  • Bond Stock
  • Cover Stock
  • Index Stock
  • Newsprint Stock
  • Book Issue Stock


I think it will be book stock as 40lb = 59gsm which is the closest to our peach paper at 65gsm

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