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It's Salmon Nuggie time...........again?

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Yes, I've been giving so much away to our fishing buddies, I had to stop and make another batch.

This time instead of doing just cubed nuggets, thought I'd make some small sticks. Same recipe, same ole, same ole. Just a different shape.
My typical dry brine of brown sugar, non iodized salt and a shiat load of fresh garlic. Sticks on the left.

Air drying for a couple hours after a 4 hour brine. Sprinkled with some coarse black pepper

Smoked for 3+ hours until I met an IT of 140*

Ended up with a little too much product to layout on the 5 rack capacity of Mr. Big Chief so I had to insert an additional rack which I normally use in my gasser smoker, onto the 2nd from bottom rack. Worked perfectly

One of my AMNTS doing it's job providing a very nice TBS.

The sticks (bottom tray) looks like my Salmon Jerky, but believe me, these are much thicker and softer.

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Geez! Looks tasty Craig!


The Salmon fishing here has been spotty in the ocean this year. Dept of Fish and Wildlife just announced that they are closing most river to fishing after 2pm daily due to the drought conditions and warmer water temps.

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