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Baby Backs

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Finished off three racks today that turned out fantastic. Wish I took more pictures than just the finished product. I guess that'll be for next time.

I rubbed them using dark brown sugar, paprika, chipotle pepper and mustard powder, and let them sit for about 10 hours.

Tossed them in the smoker for three hours at 250 using CookinPellets perfect mix.

Pulled out, brushed with olive oil, honey and Sweet Baby Ray's sweet and spicy bbq sauce. Back in for two hours.

Finished them off on an infrared grill. I 3-2-grill them because I like a little char and an infrared grill carmelizes the sauce good.

They turned out great. Just a hair before fall off the bone. I couldn't twist them when I flipped them, but I could gingerly pull them straight off the grill without them falling apart

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Sorry about the double. I thought this one didn't post
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They look really good. Would like to see a close-up pic. Haven't tried a method quite like that, but it looks interesting. Keep on smoking, Joe
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G, They look good !!!!

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I'll take better pictures next time.

I actually came up with this about twenty years ago when I worked at Applebees. They have those awful riblets, but every now and then a full slab would sneak its way into a case. They obviously don't have a smoker there so I had to do the best with what I had. I'd sear the slab, coat it in sauce, wrap it in foil and stick it in the steamer for an hour. After that it would head back to the grill.

Now that I have a smoker I do the same except I smoke it instead of sear it and I obviously don't use a steamer.
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Tasty looking ribs!

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