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Originally Posted by Steve Johnson View Post

Hi joe & welcome there's plenty of videos on you tube with mod ideas for brinkman smokers. Enjoy

Cheers Steve. I'll have a gander!
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I started out with a cheap tec take one off amazon had some good results wit a few mods. Be sure to use heat beads and get one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009ALK3K2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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Hi there, I am a smallholder in West Wales who has been keen to try cold smoking for some time. Have built a hanging chamber in an old galvanised metal dustbin and am looking to do my first burn this weekend. Have cured a loin of pork and purchased the little Pro Q cold smoke generator so fingers crossed!

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Hi welcome to the UK Forum, I have posted a welcome on the main forum Roll Call.

Just a little bit concerned about the Galvanised Dustbin! Are you Cold Smoking with it? or Hot Smoking?

You have to be really careful heating Galvanised and Zinc, as it gives of harmful gases.

Al little bit more information and pictures, (we love pictures) of your set up would be great.
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It looks like it would have to be very, very hot smoking  for zinc to give off fumes. According to the following web page - around 900º C




Which says:


"When zinc is raised to a high temperature (at or above its boiling point around 900C), it burns and forms zinc oxide smoke. Like any kind of smoke, zinc oxide will irritate the lungs, leading to difficulty breathing: This is not a dangerous situation and it clears up immediately when you move away from the source of the fumes. People exposed to high concentrations of zinc oxide over a prolonged period of time can also develop a condition known as the "zinc chills", "metal fume fever", "brass-founders ague", or a number of other colorful terms. This involves fever, tremors, and other unpleasant symptoms."



Disclaimer - I have no prior knowlege of the subject and cannot verify the validity of this website, so best to do your own research.


BTW I have used a galvanised incinerator bin in the past and saw no evidence of fumes being given off during it's use and you would have thought they would have been banned if they gave off dangerous fumes during normal use.

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There is a lot of paranoia about using zinc in smokers/BBQs and it is something that is often quoted on forums as being a dangerous thing to do. When you try to find evidence of any potential danger or any official food safety guidelines it becomes evident that most of what is posted is actually urban myth and usually only re-posts of other peoples posts.

The only official guidelines I have managed to find regarding the use of zinc in is that it should not come in direct contact with the food or be where liquids can splash onto it and then drip back onto the food.


You do need to ensure that the racks that you place the food on are not zinc plated and, especially when cold smoking, ensure that there is no galvanised metal directly above the food where moisture from the smoke could condense and then drip onto the food below.

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