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I spoke to Smokin Monkey & Wade tonight and he is going to update it as soon as possible, so we all know who is doing what.

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Hi guys already said hi in the other roll call but thought it good to pop in and say hi here as well.
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Hi Dan. Welcome to the forum. I see that you finally managed to post in the group. What was the problem before?


Where in the UK are you from?

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For some reason i needed to join the uk group on the full website as the mobile site didn't have the link to join. Im in southampton btw :)
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Yes, I have tried using the mobile app and have had a few challenges with it. I just use the main site on my phone browser now.

Welcome Thumbs Up

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Talking of issues does anyone have a problem posting to the site using an ipad?
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Posted on my iPad. Always use it, but only just started using mobile
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I can reply to topics via ipad (I'm typing this ).

However if I attempt to post a new thread, or access a PM or subscription then when I hit the relevant button and it opens the further button to press, the second button just does not work.

I have no problem with my Android phone it only occurs on the ipad.
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It may be Safari - Have you tried it in the iPAD with the Chrome browser?

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time to season; )
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Glad you got managed to get sorted bigdan
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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

It may be Safari - Have you tried it in the iPAD with the Chrome browser?

First thing I did, Wade. Chrome is the same.

That drop down link just will not work. So damn frustrating.

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hi all i posted in the main US section and was pointed here,

Nice to be here!! im up in cunbria and new to smoking, however looking at some of the UDS builds ive already started making one at work, ill get some photos tonight and give you all a look, also im wanting some advice on the stack (chimmney) well thats my intro catch you all soon.


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Hi Mr Commando,


Welcome aboard


Built 2 UDS but used 3/4 brass nipples from screwfix in the lid as an exhaust

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Originally Posted by kiska95 View Post

Hi Mr Commando,


Welcome aboard


Built 2 UDS but used 3/4 brass nipples from screwfix in the lid as an exhaust

cool, i have at the moment used a 3/4 hex nipple but was wondering if it would be enough of a draw?, i have 3 1/2 gate valve on the drum bottom, but my build is slightly smaller than a normal 55 gal drum, i have used two smaller drums stacked on top of each other, the internal area is smaller so i down sized the bottom vent to 1/2 ill put up some pictures and that might explain better!!


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Used 3 x 3/4 hex nipples in the bottom and one gate valve (thats so I can fix a BBQ guru to it) and did 8 x 3/4 hex nipples around the lid. I put 2 small holes at the top grate area with Silicone bungs to accommodate my Temp probes. I have 3 grates, one just above the coals for a diffuser (Pizza Tray) then a top grate and another a few inches underneath for drip trays or to use for bigger items.

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I think I started it by asking about issues with the forum and taking things off topic.

This thread is now going way off topic.

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Hello Lee and welcome to the Family.  Hope you can make the Smoking Weekend although it is short notice.  Any questions you have just start a new thread and folks will be along to offer help.  Keep Smokin!


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Welcome to the UK Smokers UKcommando glad you have joined us.  If you start a new thread that would be fantastic, then all your questions and replies will be in one place.


I look forward to your thread.

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Hi Lee, glad to get another Cumbria on board. I'm just outside Carlisle but thinking you must be out west or Barrow way if you're working at a paper mill ? Your UDS looks good, looks about the size of one of those Weber Smokey Joe / tamales pot conversions they use for tailgating in the states. Have a look at the Weber Minis section in groups.
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