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I will be heading there Friday night and am staying in the Bristol Marriott. It was a good event last year Thumbs Up. Hopefully see you all there.

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Hello all.  I'm Del and I'm from Falkirk in Scotland.  I have absolutely no experience or knowledge of smoking meats, except how they have tasted when I have cooked other people's work!  I'm keen to learn, though, and I've been looking at these forums on and off for a while now.  I've got a little GMG Davy Crockett arriving at my house tomorrow and I'm hoping that it will do as a starting point while I learn.  As I said on the main roll call page, my main concerns when starting out (other than my complete lack of any smoking experience) are the wildly fluctuating temperatures and winds in this part of the country and sourcing good meat, especially while I'm learning.


I'll let you all know when I make my first attempt on the GMG and how it turns out.  I'd expect the word disaster to be used somewhere in the update!

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Hello Del.  Welcome to the fun or addiction; depending.  I don't have a GMG but I know a few folks have them here and they seem happy with them.  Good Luck.  Keep Smokin!


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Hi Everyone,


I am Ashley, I joined the SMF and was sent this way by Smokin Monkey.


I am a total beginner to smoking, I bought a barrel a year or so ago with the intention to do a build but only got as far as the burn out and my holes drilled. Today I began sanding/rubbing down with my grinder and probably manage a quarter before being rained off.


Are there any go to guides to use for the build on here?



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Hi Ashley, use the search bar and look for UDS builds there is hundreds of them.

Kiska95 has built two UDS and knows the best place to buy parts for them. I will send him a PM over and I am sure he will be only to happy to help.
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Hi, I'm Duncan from London. I'm new to smoking. I have a very cheap charcoal Landmann but really struggle to keep temperatures stable enough to do anything; did get a couple of good chickens and a side of salmon though. Going to invest in an electric Bradley Original (Costco seem to be doing good prices) but would be interested in anyone thoughts on an alternative.


Love BBQ’ing, have done a couple of Christmas dinners on that.

Looking for tips on curing; would love to try a pork belly bacon.

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Hi Duncan, welcome to the "Family"

If you can describe you step by step set up on the Landmann, (with pictures) people can identify any faults that's causing you problems.

Do not rush into buying a new smoker just yet. £300-£400 on a Bradley is a big spend and the pucks are expensive as well. I would look at the Pit Boss Kamado (I have one).

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Thanks. Not sure if I am supposed to respond on this thread or not...


The big issue with the Landmann is that it is open at the bottom so any form of draught (or wind round here) fluxuates the temp hugely. Will have a look at the Pit Boss Kamado.


Can you point me in the direction for any recipes for a bacon cure? The ones I have found so far require US ingredients that I will struggle to source. That said, I work with some guys from the States who travel back and forth a lot so could probably sort something out. The other recipes I have seen refer to Salt Petre which is also difficult to source.

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This was my first attempt at Bacon.


Get a good set of Jewlers scales with a scale of Grams.

Use Cure #1, can get it from EBay.
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Hi Duncan - It is great that you found the UK group - Welcome Thumbs Up

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Smokin Monkey, that looked awesome. I was going to try using pork belly but think I will use a pork loin for my first attempt now, from the look of yours it will go down a treat. Just gotta get me an AMNPS...


One question, you use a slicer for your bacon, how hard is it to slice with a knife? I've heard that it you freeze it for 30 minutes or so first it firms up enough to make life a little easier (not as easy as a slicer...).

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LOL, will need to remortgage soon ... Just bought the A-MAZE-N with pellets, hopefully here soon. Also purchased a blowtorch. Will do a small batch of bacon first and then see about the slicer but thanks. That said, just looked and the prices are pretty good... Just wonder if I can ditch some of the wife's bits from the kitchen so I have somewhere to store it...:wife: 

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Hi Duncan, a slicer is not essential, just makes it easier if you are producing a lot. I have heard of people freezing for 30 minutes to make it easier to slice.
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Originally Posted by SweatySock View Post

Just wonder if I can ditch some of the wife's bits from the kitchen so I have somewhere to store it...:wife: 


Now that is a challenge I am not even going to attempt to offer advice on


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I am from N Devon and am very new to this in knowledge although I have dabbled for a few years, I have a West Country smoker and have just added an external smoke generator. I smoke all sorts but need to up my game for the coming shooting season as I smoke a lot of game birds and am starting to smoke trout. I will need help so 'thanks' in advance.



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Hi all Uk smokers ( I admit that sounds a bit odd in this day and age ;) ),


I am new to smoking, I did a hand of pork the other weekend on my new un-modded ECB and will start modding tomorrow to be ready for my first shoulder of lamb on Saturday.


I am based in Market Harborough (East Midlands) and can't wait to smoke more.



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Hello Florian.  Welcome to the family.  I am sorry you have not had a reply but we have all been busy preparing for our annual smoking weekend.  Glad to have you with us.  Keep Smokin!


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@KC5TPY not to worry, just looked at some of the pictures, looks fantastic


I made most of the mods to my ECB and did a bit of smoking myself this weekend. Shoulder of lamb for 6h with cherry wood chips..... lush.... Unfortunately I only have pictures of it going on. Friends and family could not wait for me to take pictures.....

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Hello.  Hope to see you at our next weekend.  Glad the lamb turn out for you.  Most times I forget to take pictures ( BAD )!  We want pictures!  :icon_biggrin:


You can't just tell us "there it is".  Please start a new thread in the UK Group forum and tell us about the preparation.  The rub.  The smoking temp..  Was it the left shoulder or the right shoulder?  :icon_lol:  Just poking fun.  Tell us everything about how the smoke went in a new thread please.  Keep Smokin!


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