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Brisket in the south

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Hi guys!


The last time I did brisket I did it mostly in the oven, this was before I got my smoker (Weber Smokey Mountain). However, I am in the south, and at an air force base where the lowest cost brisket is around $45+ (easily $5 a pound). Before I came here even wal-mart had briskets I could buy and experiment with, however I do not want to waste 50 bucks on a brisket if it comes out like crap. I have seen many videos saying how easy it is, others how hard it is, to smoke and not destroy a brisket. I have seen some of the links here but do y'all recommend good starter vids/articles so when I do go to the base commissary and spend a chunk of my paycheck on a brisket I can have some knowledge going in? At this point I've done a lot of, I think they were called, Maryland Pit Beef to success - however the base usually only has choice beef so Ive never divulged on buying something such as that. Thanks guys! 

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Hey Jon, good to have you here.  If you want to read a good thread on briskets, Danny started one awhile back called "Lets Talk About Briskets", its long as it has been added to over the year, but there is lots of good info in there.  Since you have a Weber Smokey Mountain you should be in good shape, I don't have one but from what I read they are one of the easiest smokers to produce good barbecue on. Start it on your WSM and if you need to (thunderstorms, out of charcoal, just got late) you can always move it inside to finish in the oven, The main thing is for the meat to get "smokey" on the smoker even if it needs to be cooked until tender in the oven.  The first brisket I was happy how it turned out I cooked the first half on the smoker, and the last half in the oven.  After that I was able to do it all on the smoker and have it come out good.  It does take practice, which can be expensive, are there some cheaper briskets you can find off base to start with?

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You can practice with a chuckie. Chuckies and briskets go to 195 to 205.... just a thought



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Boykjo is a chuckie a Chuck Roast?  What you cooked looks very similar to brisket, good char on the outside, good smoke ring, probably tastes similar.  Looks Great!

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Thanks all! I think next time I am at the commissary ill see if the butcher cant slice and seal a brisket into two or three sections, being as it's just me i only need to cook for myself and leaves some time for experimentation. 

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Yes. A chuck roast......Similar to a brisket but the brisket has a different texture... I've been hooked on the chuckies.... lighter on the pocket than a whole packer or a flat... 


Good to practice with too... takes about 6 hrs...A little salt and cracked black pepper to season then Cook to  160 IT then Foil pan and add a can of dr pepper and cover pan with foil to finish at 200 to slice.....mash taters and some corn cob and its all good my friend



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Jon for a small brisket you can usually buy a flat packaged by itself.  The bad news is they tend to be much higher per pound, and often have little fat so easier to dry out.  Boykjo your chuckie dinner with corn and potatoes sounds delicious!

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Sounds yummy, i need to load up on charcoal used my last bit testing a turkey out. came out ok with some gator sausage on the side! but yea thank you ill def pick up some chuck in the next few days. Ty all!

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