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need help on reverse flow smoker build

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Hi my name is Tim and am new to the site from Indiana, I currently am building a reverse flow smoker, I do know all of info on the style of smoker the baffle plate the flue opposite end etc..... But my questions is this. When installing the baffle plate is there a particular distance of space you leave open on the opposite end of smoker box? The second question is at the end where smoker box would be located, does the baffle plate get sealed there and is it above smoke box or should there be some sort of opening there? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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The tutorial below should answer all of your questions....
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thank you but its in protected mode and requires a password, I have an older fuel oil tank 275 gallon cut in half my cooking rack is 59 3/4'' by 41 I am wanting to put baffle plate 4 inches bellow cooking grate, but am wondering how big is the gap on opposite end of smoke box? Also if the firebox side baffle needs completly sealed or? I guess is there a standard gap on baffle plates on opposite side away from smoke box, or is that determined by the size of the smoker?

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Welcome. A well built and working reverse flow smoker requires some calculations in order to get the correct air flow throughout.  By doing the calculations you will better understand how a reverse flow smoker works and will get answers to your questions.  DaveOmak and friends have done a great job putting together the calculation process, which is what he linked to above.  I'm not sure why you are not able to view it, but a quick search should let you find it.  I am currently building a 275 oil tank reverse flow and, along with others, have posted my calculations, so the easy math has been done for your.  You can search for my build and others, which may help you and help save you some time and errors.  Good luck.

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the new link you sent works now thanks so much, I am assuming that whatever your fb to cc opening is, is what the baffle plate opening should be is that correct?

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

I don't understand why it won't open for you....... try it now....

Also Dave if you don't mind me asking my, cc is 59 3/4 by 42 1/2 I bought a 1/4 inch steel firebox from a friend already built there is an opening on the firebox thats 18 inches by 6. wich would be my fb to cc opening do you personally think that will be sufficient to heat and do all that is required to maintain temps in the cc?  I am wanting to use a 5 inch in diameter round 16 guage pipe for my exhaust stack or I may use 6 in diameter because obviously that would be a shorter exhaust? This is a 275 gallon fuel oil tank cut in half. I will load pics soon!

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