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Finished with most of the mods

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I finished most of the modifications on my new Brinkman Trailmaster smoker. I have one question regarding sealing the smoke/fire chamber. Where the two are connected, I am losing quite a bit of smoke. I have read most of the posts on this thread and wanted to get your opinion. What is your overall consensus on using a high heat resistant RTVV between these two chambers. I don't know how hot the fire chamber gets, so I am hesitant to use the RTV Red that I have on hand. It is rated for 650 degree F "intermittently". I have looked for a higher temperature sealant without any luck. There was one that I found, but someone in a post said that it was not pliable when it set up. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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I just put together my OK Joe's Highland and I used permatex ultra copper in between the firebox and the smoker, as well as the two halves of the FB and around the exhaust pipe.  I have no idea how well it will work but it is rated for 700 degrees.  At any rate, I have not noticed any smoke seeping out of my smoker.  I did order some Nomex tape to go around the doors but haven't used it yet.  I don't  yet have any smoke seeping out.  Of course, the doors haven't warped yet either.


I had another thread on here where I asked around to see if anyone had experience with the Ultra Copper seal and have received no response. So, I went ahead with it.  I had more smoke leaks on my old CharGriller than what came out of the exhaust and I still had fantastic cooks. I am more concerned about heat level maintenance than leaking smoke.

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Most use permatex red because it's food safe. I know guys that used assorted color permatex on the exhaust of their cars (turbo applications). Car exhaust hits rediculous temps, it would get gooey but would not break it's seal.
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Thanks. I'll check it out. Sounds like it's working for you. I wouldn't think it would get any hotter than 700 degrees.I Know what you mean about the heat level concern. My first smoke saw me running in circles trying to maintain a constant temp. Once I get the other temp gauges installed I believe I will get a handle on it. I'm learning!

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Yeah, the Permatex red is what I was first looking at. But, I wasn't sure if 650 degrees was high enough for the firebox. I don't believe anyone on the site has tested the temp on the FB to know what it can get up to.

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I used 3m Fire barrier on mine, rated for 2000deg. I'm not sure about the food safe aspect of it, I also used it for door gaskets, but allowing four days for it to cure and a 400deg burn in/seasoning, I'm pretty sure it's off gassed itself by now.
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I don't plan on cooking on the Ultra Copper seal, and I didn't see anything on the packaging warning of danger if ingested.  Red is supposed to be "food safe" whatever that would mean.  I'll post a warning on this forum if any of the many BBQ aficionados keel over and croak on me, due to my "unsafe" foodOops.gif.   I first heard of Ultra Copper on here, from old posts.  I had another post where I asked for someone with experience in the use of copper, but no one responded so I figured no one felt it necessary to warn me of possible hazards of it's use.  But, on the other hand, it's probably not a bad idea to use your best judgement. 


I will tell you that I have done three burn ins, to clean my smoker and season it.  The permatex has not melted from the heat and seems to be holding up quite well so far. Thumbs Up

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I wasnt too worried about the "food safe" either. AFAIK the red food safe means you can cook right on it if you want (think silicone baking pans etc). I would only worry if you use the copper to seal the doors and for some reason it stars peeling off then getting in your food.
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I agree. I don't believe there would be a problem with normal use.

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