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first brisket

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Pretty bew to smoking just got my 30" masterbuilt elite this christmas. I was going to do another pork butt this coming weekend for a family get together but was thinking i might try a brisket instead. I dont really want a whole brisket though for one i dont need that much and two it wouldnt fit in my smoker. Was wonder what the best half is point or flat i think they are called and if theres a diffrent smoking guide doing these instead of a whole brisket. Any other tips or sugestions would be appreciated as well thanks!
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Both ends are great! The flat will be less fatty and great for slicing.  But in my humble opinion the point has great flavors and makes great chopped BBQ sandwiches.  Most folks, when they decide to only do one choose the flat. b

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Not sure how it is going to turn out. But I have a 10# packer brisket on the top rack of my Masterbuilt Gas Smoker 30" right now. Stalled at 144 degrees and have the Maverick set to wake me up @ 195. Bad weather tomorrow got me started early. Anyway the point is, it fits. It is my first one so good luck on what you decide. Remember, there are always coworkers or freezers that will take the leftovers.
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Basher if you can make it fit it probably easier to cook it all at once, even if you have to cut it in half.  I prefer the flat, have tried a few things but haven't been happy with uses for the point yet.  Kampmann how did yours turn out?  Like he says there is always freezers and co workers, usually I eat on one half and freeze the other till later. 

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Aggie, I have it in the cooler right now. Gonna be making some sides here in a minute. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with the point and slice up that flat. Pretty nervous, which is silly over food. But still learning and having fun doing it.
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I understand being nervous, it's our reputation at stake!  Where is Firestone?  My daughter goes to college in Colorado Springs so we get up that way every few months.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I guess i would have to see one in peraon to be sure but looking at pictures i didnt think one would fit, i cant even fit a baking sheet on one of the racks. Just wondering why would it be easier to cook all together?
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Where are the Pics   ???




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We are between Denver and Ft. Collins. Closer to Denver right along I25. I work for the City of Longmont which has about 90k in it. Just like the smaller town feel when you go east of I25 here. However, building is going like crazy, so that small town feel will be short lived. We just went to the Springs last week. My little ones and the wife love feeding the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Did some hiking around Garden of the Gods too. I grew up all over the country and it sure is beautiful here.
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Originally Posted by gary s View Post

Where are the Pics   ???





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Basher I meant easier in that it takes no extra work to cook both halves at once if you can put them on different levels of the grill.  There is no reason you can't cut the brisket in half, cook one half now and freeze the other half to cook later.  Kampmann that's what happens when you live somewhere beautiful, everyone wants to live there!

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Ohhh ok I thought you meant just leaving it whole thanks
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The point is better if u like fat tatse. Even the shape is better\more round. Seems to me
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Well I ordered a flat today will pick it up wednesday, figured it would be good for a first try. Any favourite methods, smoke and rubs you guys recommend.
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Cook it up & slice up the flat & make ya some burnt ends out of that point.

At least that's what I'd do.



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Well the flat is on wish me luck!
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You Don't need Luck, just Patients and a steady temp. Don't over think



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Good luck and just remember about the patients and it always taste better when you make it yourself.
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Stalled at 140 a bit to my surprise, i thought it would be more around 150. I really need to get an amps to i just cant generate any smoke with low heat, burner must not stay on long enough. Anyway it wrapped in tin foil with some broth in it see how it turns out. how do we post pictures btw is there a guide?
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Well , you've got it on and at the stall . Hits at different temps. , the best remedy for that is 'Patiece' Grasshopper.


So, now you have her all done , send more Q-view .


Have fun and . . .

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