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Hail from Northern Cali

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Hey yall, name is Michael and I'm writing from Ukiah, California, part of Mendocino County, famous for the 4 "w's";  wood, wine, weed and welfare.  At least that's what a customs agent in Mexico told me when he checked my passport back in the early 00's.  At any rate, been lurking here for a bit and finally decided to register as this place has a wealth of knowledge.


I'm only 2 months in using a masterbuilt electric.  Also use a gas (not propane, as it's hooked up to the house supply) grill.  But ever since I started with the smoker, well, the poor grill has only been getting veggies.  I've done ribs about 4 times, a couple tri tips, even smoked a london broil.  Today I did 2 chickens using the instructions from this thread:


I was doing ribs the other week and the power went out for a bit.  Hazard of an electric, I reckon.  Saved the day by throwing them on the grill. Outage was probably the result of too many AC's going at once in the local area.  Get's pretty hot up here. I'm looking forward to learning more and sharing some of my experience.

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Michael, welcome to SMF!  Glad you are here and putting your ever popular MES thru its paces.  Sounds like you're developing a nice set of procedures that you'll be able to do in your sleep soon.  I've got the same issue with my gasser.  It just gets used to start charcoal these days. 


Have fun!



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Hey thanks for replying.  I used to cook with charcoal all the time, but I recently moved in with my Pops who is dealing with some health issues in his old age.  I used to live in Sacramento, as I see you do in your profile.  I was in the Land Park area.  You ever tried those cats out in Tahoe Park, Momo's meat market?  I ate there once, but my palette wasn't as refined as it is now.

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Michael, I'm actually on the opposite side of town in Roseville.  I put SAC in my location so folks have a better idea where I'm located. 


I've definitely heard of Momo's just haven't been down that way to try them.  I rarely have a reason to travel the 50 corridor unless I'm headed to court downtown from the office, which isn't far off 50.  I've got a close co-worker who lives in the Pocket area who is a bit of a foodie himself.  Not as close as Land Park but I'll ask him about Momo's.   

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Quick Thinking, and a good save.  Welcome to SMF from a hot East Texas



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