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Tatonka Dusted Elk Steaks

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My first try at elk, I picked up a couple elk striploin steaks from a local butcher. I've only ever had elk in burger form.

Seasoned with Tatonka Dust and kept in fridge for 4 hours. Fired up the Weber and seared around 3 mins each side. Plated up with some roasted carrots and some smoked beans.


Really enjoyed this cook, as did Ms. Duke.

Now taking elk donations for anyone tidying up their deep freeze!!










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Looks tasty.

Never had elk.
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Wow, nice job on the elk Duke... Man, I love elk ! icon14.gif
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Looks very good, nice work! Our neighbor 3/4 mile from us raises elk, good eating!
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Mmm, that looks mighty tasty!  Elk is by far my favorite game meat...but we don't get many opportunities to eat it here in Oklahoma.



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Tasty looking elk! Back in the good ol days we always had elk and venison in the freezer. Not anymore.
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Thanks for the kind words! Appreciate it! :beercheer:




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Never had Elk,but it looks tasty!
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Beautiful! I adore elk so much and love the bone-in rack and haven't had my fix of such in ages, and so this post was a treat - even vicariously - and so thank you tons!


Beautiful job!


Cheers! - Leah

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DB, Those steaks were cooked just right !!!! :Looks-Great:

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I love elk and this looks great!



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Makes me want to visit my brother  in Colorado this fall.  nice job

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