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Hi all

Sorry I haven't been on here in ages, been really busy at home!!!


On the back of the success of my lamb prosciutto project,

I have decided to have a bash at a whole hog leg parma style ham.

I have looked at loads of web pages and YouTube videos an they all just cure with salt.

I was thinking of using Prague Powder.

Do any of you have a recipe for using No 2 Prague powder for dry curing a skin on hog leg?

Or, should I just use salt? !!!!!

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Check Mr. T. threads.... he did a whole leg about 2 years ago.....

Don't know if this correct but.... the leg MUST be fresh... a week or 2 at most and no larger than 22#s.... that helps prevent bone sour....

Below is a good link....
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Cheers Dave, Ill look in to that.

Im really lucky in the fact that I have a meat and fish market ten mins from my house so freshness wont be an issue. :)

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Count on me for kibitzing.

Anything left from that lamb prosciutto?
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LOL, no sorry mate, between me, my mate, a few bottles of Merlot and a very impressive mature didn't last very long!!!!!

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