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A Twist on Jalapeno Poppers

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I was going to do some poppers the other day and had a can of biscuits laying around so I figured if I put them together it just couldn't be bad.  These turned out very good and were a nice change.



Cut and De-seed your jalapenos, and cook your bacon so it is finished.  Then roll out one biscuit so it has the shape below.

I forgot the Pic with the cream cheese but I put that on right after the Jalapenos and Bacon.


Then pop them in the oven based off of the cooking process that is on your can of Biscuits.  I believe mine said set the oven for 350 and they took about 20 minutes.

I pulled them out when they had good color and did not have the doughy feeling on the sides.

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So? What's the process? Inquiring minds want to know.

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I re-edited it with the instructions.  They are simple instructions, but then again it is a very simple recipe.  Thanks for inquiring.

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TSW, they look yummy!

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