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We now have three more Group Leads:  Wade, Smokin Monkey and smokewood.  These folks know their stuff and I am sure they will be more than will to help in any way they can.  If you have a problem you just can not find an answer to, I am certain you can PM one of these Folks and they will be glad to help you out.  Of course I will still be around and a PM shot in my direction will also get as quick of a response as possible.


Congrats! Guys!  You have earned it!  Have fun with it.  I know you will do good things for the Group.  Keep Smokin!


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3 of the good guys!!!!! Well done and thanks for all the help you have given me:77:

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Thanks Brian. Danny is still very much in charge though. We are just helping him out.

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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Thanks Brian. Danny is still very much in charge though. We are just helping him out.
Absolutely icon14.gif
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Congrats Chaps :banana_smiley:



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Hi Guys.  I hope you are trolling the Roll Call forum looking for new U.K. members.  Inviting them to join the Group and a "Welcome" PM when they join the Group.  I haven't been checking for a 3-4 days.


For a time I am semi-retired.  Tomorrow starts my 4 days off.  If it is not raining I will probably go fishing.  Fished a lot back in Texas but just started here after being here 16 years.  I just recently found out those nasty Wels catfish have gotten into British rivers.  Carp. NO!  Catfish I UNDERSTAND!  Seems the environment officers from the councils don't want them in the rivers.  SO! at anywhere between 5lbs to 100 lbs. I feel it is my patriotic duty to get rid of these nasty non-native beasts!  Te word is they have taken several from the Trent in the 60-100 lb. range.  :icon_biggrin:


I know you guys got this.  Have fun!  Gone fishing with the Weber and a couple ribeyes along. Ain't eating bait!   Keep Smokin!


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I'm gone for five minutes and there are bloody promotions.

I better start behaving devil.gif
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While the cats away... Lol - That is what you get for leaving us alone without any supervision :biggrin:

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How did the fishing go Danny?

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Hello Wade.  Well; the fishing!  First time here in the U.K..  I drowned a few worms and didn't get a nibble.  I now have the stuff I need for the big cats so maybe my luck will change.  We shall see.


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3 Wise Men ? or 3 wise Monkeys

keep up the good work :banana_smiley: 

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Fishing again this weekend Danny?

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