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New restaurant...need ideas for apps.

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All, got a new restaurant in north east PA with all the staples a BBQ place would have(brisket, burned ends, pulled pork, half chickens), but looking to expand app choices to include more BBQ.

Keep in mind, we want to prep a lot day or 2 in advance, quick prep time, heatup/cook quick, and KISS!

So far, we have:
1. ABT
2. Pulled pork wontons
3. Smoked mac and cheese bites
4. Smoked wings
5. Stuffed wings

Synergies if possible...l let me know your thoughts.
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Oh, its not only a BBQ place, but we have a $15k smoker...so we want to leverage the equipment as much as possible :)
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  Where are you located?

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Don't forget to smoke your vegetables! Asparagus, green beans and baked beans. These might be better sides.
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Also, sausage!
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chicken? beef? smoked dessert? pulled pork nachos? pulled pork potato skins? 

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You don't have beans on your menu?


 Oh, I suppose that is more of a side than an app.  

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Slaw, corn bread, bacon mac 'n cheese, chicken wings - with various sauces.

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What about a BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla?  Or BBQ Nachos?

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Fresh made barbecue potato chips

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Def some kind of nachos (pulled pork, brisket, etc.), bbq chips, brisket burnt ends, pulled pork sliders
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Smoked rosemary red potatoes
Herb crusted zucchini with a balsamic glaze (my favorite)
Smoked wings in a few different flavors
You could make a rib basket where you use a third or quarter slab
Fried pickles

I spent a lot of time working in restaurants when I was younger. I could come up with a ton of stuff
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If you have access to fresh salmon, then it is hard to beat a great smoked salmon dip. Best thing is you cna bake the bread in the smoker also. Rip out the center and feel it with the salmon dip. I like cream cheese and mascarpone as the base fore my salmon dip.

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or a smoked salsa w/chips sounds awesome

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How about Armadillo Eggs made with ground Brisket or even mixed meat as leftovers dictate. A little more prep but quick cooking and low food cost. Add a Creamy Dip or even Ranch Dressing...JJ

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I was at a BBQ place in south west va and they had an app that was smoked pulled pork jalapeno poppers.

It had pulled pork and cheese stuffed in a jalapeno half and wrapped in bacon. they were delicious.


Good Luck,


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oh im gonna do that next time i do PP and ABTs 

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Originally Posted by baloo6969 View Post


Where in Nepa?? My neck of the woods.

Can you be more specific?
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for apps, how about "fatty sliders".  Rolled fatties (gauge finished diameter to the slider bun).  The range of fatty fillings gives a lot of options for what you have or make a sampler.  Or even a sliced fatty sandwich for the nice thick ones.  I would buy that on the lunch menu any day.

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