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New Folks to the Group

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Hello all.  Please do me a favour;  If you notice someone has joined please shoot me a PM to let me know.  Some new members join without ever posting anything.


If you are a new member and do not wish to post on the open forum please send me a PM just to let me know you are here.  Please allow me to send you a Welcome post.  I try to keep a spreadsheet of who we have where.  It is to your advantage as there may be an experienced member just 4-5 miles away who could come and help you with a problem.


Also guys,  I can't catch every U.K. person who signs in to Roll Call.  I try every day but I know I miss some.  If you see one please PM me so I can send out the invitation to join.  I am lost at the moment, we have 165 - 168 members.  Driving me NUTS!  Will get it sorted.  Thanks for the help.


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Will do. Unfortunately they can easily get lost in the background noise of the main forum.

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Will keep my eyes out for new members and shoot you a PM if I see you have not posted on there thread.

Ignore Wade, I think he's been in the Sun today biggrin.gif
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Will doo, not a problem.
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