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Amazon Prime Day - smoking stuff

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This would the the place to share your deals.  Let us know what you find!

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Haven't seen much yet worth buying, smoking related or not. It's been a rather lackluster sale.

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Agreed.  They did have the LEM 5# stuffer for $112.  Not bad. 

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It's a pretty weak sale overall unless you buy a kindle or something
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Sounds like the sale was a HUGE bust.  Weird way to do it too. 

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I kept checking all day for BBQ stuff and never found anything worth buying. I did by an Anova Immersion Circulator for $140 which is a good price but not an unheard of price. 

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More like a garage sale. Great if you were looking for tupperware and granny panties.

I didn't buy anything, and I've been a Prime member for years.

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Got a bluetooth speak for tunes around the BBQ but that was it. 

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I ended up buying a couple of SSD drives for my computer but there just wasn't much there to choose from. It was more like a big summer warehouse clearance than a Black Friday sale like they hyped it.

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Both of my kids got a new Kindle and cases for them, other than that, yeah Amazon had a garage sale, lol

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Maybe some of you understand Amazon I've been watching the igrill2 and it changes price must be 20-30 times a day. What gives? Yesterday I saw it as low as 80.99 and as much as 88.xx
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Sams has the iGrill2 with 4 probes a while back for $50.  Great fricken deal.  I could call your local Sams to see if they still have them.

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I'll have to look the next time I'm up at Sam's. That is a good deal.

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