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Socca for Bastille Day!

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Got a nudge from French inspired dinner.

Socca is a provencal pancake made from chickpea flour. It's served freshly baked, dusted with cracked pepper washed down with a cold rose.

If you are looking for authenticity... Leave now. Gotta feed a hungry family for dinner, an empty pie won't do.

Here is the batter:

First batch: topped with brie/tomatoes/olives

The second pie is half with brie/olives/tomatoes, half with smoked salmon/blue cheese/capers.

Accompanied by

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Let me clarify before other members attempt this. This pie tastes nothing la pizza. Taste is different, texture too. It won't hold up like a pizza slice. It is a great meal though.

I also recommmend the classic socca, (pie only, no toppings). Excellent summer appetizer. Will probably do some soon.
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Interesting, I've never heard of that. How flavorful is the chick pea dough? Is it just a base for the toppings?

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With toppings you don't get a good taste of the pie. By itself it taste great. Well....don't expect sensorial overload. It's a light taste and texture.
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Great, Thanks.

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Wow and wow and wow and wow!!!

I am so happy you shared this and love the whole concept and I love learning new things and I love your paring and I love it all!

This is so beautiful and I love each and every ingredient or topping too!

How fantastic this is! And, it must have been delicious!!!???

More more more! (Please).

So beautiful!

Thank you for this treat!!!

Keep posting!

And all else should as well!

This group is most fun when shared!!!

Cheers and to such beautiful food!!! - Leah
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And now I see that it is fully wheat free and so I MUST make it, (as I don't eat wheat) and this sounds and looks so very beautiful! Amazing! I'm so glad you posted and I learned!!!
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