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sfprankster's A Tale of Two Kabobs

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While out wrapping up a few errands yesterday, I found a package of boneless CSR's, mismarked as having bones,in my local supermarket's meat department. Not being one to pass up a good deal, I grabbed the pack(5+ lbs @ $1.49 lb)) and began thinking of ways to cook them. Being a little short on time to fire up the WSM, the trusty and dusty kettle became the obvious option. Knowing smaller pieces of meat cook faster, kabobs became the meal preparation of choice. Fired up the the trusty and dusty kettle with lump mesquite, and began preparations to make kabobs.




Both kabob recipes began on the cutting board, cleaver in hand, to hack the CSR's into bite sized pieces. Since my gf couldn't decide how she wanted them prepared, I applied a pair of marinade variations. Both received shallots, garlic, evoo, salt and fresh cracked black pepper. From here, they went their separate directions in flavor profile.




The first kabob, being a little more traditional, adding thyme and a merlot vinegar into this marinade. Sandwiching chunks of pork between green bell pepper and shallots, with a couple of mushrooms for a variation in texture onto metal skewers. 



Soaking up the yummyness... :rolleyes:




...skewered and ready for the kettle treatment... :icon_mrgreen:




...the kettle treatment in progress... 





...resting before being served... 












Stay tuned for Part II of the Tale of Two Kabobs... 



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I'll be watching,most of my Kabobs are all meat.


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Home from a short evening at work(3 hours :icon_wink: ).



A Tale of Two Kabobs Part Deux... 



For the second version of my kabobs, I opted for more of a sweet and heat flavor profile. Adding a couple of hot chili powders, cumin, coriander and oregano to the above basic marinade(shallots, garlic, evoo, salt and fresh cracked black pepper).






...the basis of my orange chili gf's canned cara cara orange marmalade...





...a quick saute of shallots and garlic in evoo...




...cumin, coriander, salt, fresh cracked black pepper and chili powders added to the shallot/garlic saute...





....some marmalade and water into the pan...


...after a little reduction, the glaze is ready... :icon_mrgreen:





To change up the kabobs, this version uses pineapple and anaheim peppers, cut into bite sized pieces, to sandwich the meat chunks.






...skewered and ready for the trusty and dusty kettle treatment...




...first side caramelized over direct heat and waiting for the glaze to be applied...




...glazed and ready to be flipped... 




...ready to be served... :drool





Since the basis of the glaze is sweet, I opted for some of the hotter chili powders in my spice drawer for this kabob. It's all up to you as to your tolerance of the heat of the chilies, which to use... :th_violent5: 

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Nice Kabobs. I like them for a change . The Son did some a while back , with Pork , great !


Thanks for the look.


Have fun and . . .

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I try my best to be creative and experiment with my cooking. I take traditional flavor combinations and put my spin on them with whatever we have available in the fridge, freezer and pantry. :icon_mrgreen: 

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