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My version of cedar smokehouse

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I was reading this forum when a user started posting pictures of his cedar smokehouse and I thought to myself I have to have one of those! So I started gathering material from family and friends and after a year and a half I finally completed my version of the cedar smokehouse at a cost of only $400.00!!!

     I decided to use field stone instead of brick and also made an over hang to stay out of the weather a little. The foundation used 39 bags of cement to make it a foot deep by 5' wide and 6 1/2' long. My outside dimensions of the house are 42x42 inches and 96 inches to the peak.

     The inside is 38x37 with three shelves which I will post pictures of soon. I made the walls 4 inches thick, inside I used 95 year old tounge and groove flooring from my family farm. I then put fiberglass insulation in the walls to insulate it more for winter minnesota cooking.

     Eventually I would like to install a light under the overhang so I can see my brisket in the middle of the night instead of holding a flashlight in my mouth!!!










































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Amazing.  Well done.

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