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It's Bastille Day!

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Happy Bastille Day to All!


Enjoy some French wine, French food, French Kissing, or French Fun Fare Smoked Up In Any Way!


I had to get rid of some odds and ends (Chablis, cleaned squid, bluefish fillet, some Ancient grains, and spinach salad) and so I grilled!


Tomorrow however, I get to enjoy some smoked mackerel and am delighted!!!


Happy all! Make today fantastic! And share your eats and drinks and doings!!!


Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

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One more delicious looking meal....
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Thanks so much Dave!


I could eat bluefish until the cows come home, but then might break for cow, and then go back to the bluefish as well!!! Cheers to you! Hope you're whipping up something fabulous today!!! - Leah

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Great dish and liquid company for it.

You got white (wine), blue (fish), I am sure you have a French Red handy to wrap up and match La Fête nationale.
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Since beheading aristocrats is apparently frowned upon these days, maybe I'll just whip up a pot of boeuf a'la Bourgenon to go alongside a nice bottle of Chateau Greysac.
And some cake.
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Thank you Atomic Smoke! Yes capping off the day with more treasures seems apropos!

And Andrew, thanks too! And hilarious scribe & great menu you have planned!

Yes, "qu'il mange de la brioche" or maybe instead, "let them eat mayonnaise!" As this morning, I had to pause and take a photo of this New Hampshire sign! (603 being our area code).

Cheers! - Leah
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Wow I never cooked a bastile, I guess low and slow?


I do love squid, especially baby squid!


As always great job Leah.

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Decided on coq au vin instead of the boeuf. More "peasanty". Being a peasant myself, I also have to consider the fact that chicken is on sale.
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Thanks so much Foam! And Andtrew, your chicken instead sounds terrific! (there's more wine in that recipe as well)!!!!!
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Your up early again.... Good morning......
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Yes Top of The Mornin' To You Dave!


Sleeping past a sunrise is missing out in my book, and I've already had two feedings and approximately 2 thousand calories (though who's counting) and still look forward to a grand lunch!


Happy hump day to all!!!! Cheers!!! - Leah

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Does French toast count? LOL Jk

Great looking meal Leah. I still miss your mermaid series on Youtube. I love seafood so much and I always thought I was the only one who could eat it at 5am. :) Cheers.

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Thank you so much Humdinger! Yes, eating main food early is my favorite way of life!


I think bone in rack of elk chops on the grill is the best early in the day but no longer get them so easily and so I am elk chop deprived! Hunters? Anyone? Bueller? It's cherishable stuff!


Anyway, many thanks too on my past video doings and love of ocean fare! I still love it tons, and am onto a different career path and so stay tuned, as things are about to get pretty exciting, and how VERY VERY VERY GRATEFUL am I! (More reasons to celebrate with great wine and food)!


Cheers to you and to all! - Leah

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