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Beef Ribs....

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How do I wish I could find beef ribs that actually had some meat on them! I had a local meat market order me some that were like $5.99 a lb. and they were very disappointing. Someone mentioned Creek Stone Farms in the Aaron Franklin thread so I went to their web site to check it out for myself.

This is a pic of their beef ribs.


For $89 bucks for 2 racks they don't look any better to me than the stuff I get around here. By the time you smoke them and all that fat renders out there isn't much left.

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For $89 I would be tempted to kill a cow and cut them out myself.

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Get beef ribs from your local Mexican store. sliced or can buy a whole rib side. Last week $3.99 pound untrimmed, just like they came from the beef. CF

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