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I have rad some of the posts on the various smokers and trying to narrow it down.  The biggest factor is the shipping.  When you buy $1700 smoker and they want $900 more for shipping, that is tough.  Looking at Lang, Peoria, Custom Pits and Yoder. Seems like some good and bad on all of them.  Any help is appreciated.





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I have a Bell Fab that I really like....a lot. Craig Bell in Tulsa, OK makes a great one off product. He is great to work with and will give you all of the personal tricks that you want in a smoker, and at a very reasonable price. Depending on what you want, you can probably get a smoker with freight for the same price or less than one of the big names. The Bell is made with first class material and quality fabrication. Contact Craig at: Good luck, Joe
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Thanks I will take a look and call him tomorrow.  

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