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WOOD where to get it?

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Hello fellow Canadian's 


I live in Peterborough Ont and was wondering where people get there wood from.Ive bought chunks of wood from Craptire, home depot, But was wondering where the masses get theirs from.




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Hi Dave,

I am Big Dilly from Wasaga Beach. I am kind of lucky with the Apple orchards over in Thornbury. If you have any around there they trim in March. They will be happy to give lots for free just break it up when you get home. I also found the lock staircase guy in the beach and he saves me all his oak and it is nice stuff in 6 inch blocks and smaller. There are a few flooring manufacturers over your way and if it isn't prefinished it would be great and they are happy to be rid of it. He gave me about 40 pieces of Hickory and happy to get rid of it. I never pay for it. I use it with every burn.  I have 2 Webers, Char-Griller Smokin' Pro and the Kamado Akorn Char- Griller.  I have quite the back deck. I was over at Home Depot last week and went into the clearance tent in the garden centre and they were clearing out their Weber 22.5 inch one touch silver kettles for $59.00. My old one is from 1985 and I have been waiting to get a one touch for ash dispersal so threw one in threw truck. Anyhow Dave good to meet you.


Good Luck with the wood hunting.

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i find my wood using Kijiji  is a good source lots of guys selling wood on it i picked up a facecord  of 50/50 shagbark ickory and ash for like 89 bucks  from a guy near dunnville 

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