WSM Smoke updates

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Its been a busy few weeks with lots of action on the WSM !! The second attempt at ribs was a complete success! St Louis this time:


Followed up with some beer brined chicken:



And the best chicken wings I have ever had:



These fun rascals called ABTs:



And another chicken smoke:



Need to go after another butt or a brisket this weekend with more ABTs ! Everything was phenomenal, however I need to work on that chicken skin. Still rubbery.....tried finishing on the brand new weber kettle grill (upgraded from the 18.5 to the 22 mastertouch). The new grill is a whole different game!

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nice everything looks delicious!


do you smoke at a consistent temperature such as 225* or 275* or do you change it up based on that meat type?

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Each recipe had a unique temp...but i ran the second round of bird at about 250 to try and get the bite through skin....still not there.