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Thanks Wade,


That's a heck of a lot of chunks on there. I realise that smoke flavour is a subjective thing: some like it very smoky, some less so (i like a fair bit), Bearing that in mind, my next smoke will be a 2.5 kg pork butt using apple wood chunks. I don't intend to foil and I believe that the meat stops absorbing chunks after it hits a certain temp, so any suggestions of how many to use  (I will be using chunks from Smokewood)


The coals were burned using the Minion method. One side was lit from the back and the other side from the front. As the burn progressed along each side the lumps caught light in turn giving a constant source of smoke over time.

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Soaking chunks, wash your mouth out young man! 


Like you mentioned earlier, it all depends on how much smoke you prefer,and it also which wood you are using.  As an example, personally I do not like to much Hickory so I only use a couple of chunks.  However I love Oak so I throw a lot more on the coals.  If I am mixing Apple & Oak I will use more Apple than oak as the oak has a stronger flavour, and I do not want to overpower the apple.


To cut to the chase it's all a matter of personal taste and personal preference.  As Wade mentioned earlier, there is no right way only the wrong way when it goes in the bin. (as my wife occasionally reminds me about the leg of lamb).


It's a trial and error thing, take notes of temperatures, how many chunks you added etc. and them critique your food at the end.  That way you will have a reference for the next time, and you can make adjustments accordingly.

lol i feel thoroughly chastised. told you i'd as some stupid questions.


Reason I asked was because I have been using chips and have been on the whole fairly dissatisfied with them. I have tried soaked, dried and wrapped in a foil packet ,and apart from Weber mesquite chips, never quite got the smoke flavour I was looking for. I was hoping for a better flavour with chunks, just have no idea how they burn compared to chips. 

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No I am only joking,


There is really no point in soaking them, if wood absorbed water they wouldn't have built boats out of it for thousands of years!


It's not a stupid question, so don't beat yourself up, it's a learning curve.


I use chips for short cooks, and just throw them on the coals, or if I am feeling adventurous I put them in an old aluminium takeaway container and place them OVER the coals on the grill.  This way they smoulder more slowly.  If you put the container on the coals the container will melt and everything bursts into flames. 


The only chips I soak are my Whisky Chips, I just add a bit of water to the chips and it kind of releases a bit more flavour.


Keep Up The Good Work

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