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Post 4th of July Brisket

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Took a trip to Texas to visit family for the 4th and picked up 2 Briskets to bring home, At 2.19 per pound I couldn't pass them up. I froze them solid to bring them back to Florida, unfortunately they thawed on the trip so I had to cook them. Surprisingly for two packer Briskets they only 2 9 hours to cook at about 240deg. I'm pretty happy with the results. Also, I normally use Mesquite, I decided to use Pecan for the milder smoke.
Pretty happy with the smoke ring, the bite and taste.
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That looks mighty tasty!:drool

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Wow that is a very pronounced smoke ring! 

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Just found another picture my daughter took for me.

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What smoker are you using to get that awesome ring?
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I was just in Mississippi for a wedding and there were some people there from Texas that brought a brisket to smoke and he stated he only paid $.97 a lb. for a brisket. Is this a realty or is your $2,00 more realistic? 

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I would say over $2 is more realistic. The store I bought them at (HEB) said they were losing money on them at $2.19 a pound
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If he got it for .97 cents then it was on some kind of sale.  I get my briskets from the local HEB and they usually run $2.50 to $3.  Last one I got was $2.47, cheapest I've seen in a long time.

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That might have been what ,i paid, i dont remember for sure. Definitely better that the $5-$6 here in Florida
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You probably remember right it being $2.19.  I'm in the Permian Basin, our prices are always a little higher than the same stores farther east, they expect all these rich oilmen won't mind.  That's terrible that brisket is so high in Florida, but you probably have much better access to fresh seafood than I do!

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I got an 11 pounder for $2.99 a pound. It was select, not choice or angus. I hope it comes out as good as yours! What kind of rub did you use?

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