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Cajun Pork Butt, a process....

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Hello All, 0500 here in Cocoa, FL. Butts are on! Temps 243. 18" WSM. About my 20th butt. Refining my Cajun Recipe. Of course, I'm not Cajun, been there for a few months, a long time ago. Made an injection of 3 cups apple juice, a little more than 1/2 cup Tony Chachere's, 1/4 cup onion and garlic, each, granulated, 1/2 cup worcestershire, 1/2 cup brown sugar, out of white sugar so this was an unanticipated substitution and  1/2 cup Tone's Cajun seasoning from Sam's Club. This is new to this recipe. Mixed in a bowl and heated in microwave to help dissolve. Cooled and then heavily injected 2 butts, total wgt 18 lbs. Bagged and placed in fridge, yesterday. After 12 hrs of soaking, got up started 'moker. Rubbed with lots of SPOG and the Tone's Cajun seasoning which I just discovered yesterday. I like to dry smoke till 165 and then wrap in 3 layers of heavy duty foil. Pull off 'moker at 205 and put in cooler for an hr. Drain juices, skim off fat and save what's left to add to pulled pork.  I don't mind if temp gets to 260-270. Cooks quicker and doesn't seem to make a difference in taste or moisture of the pork. I've learned, don't stress about the temp! This WSM is great! Got the Maverick 2 probe temp gauge with remote. I have little trouble holding my temps. No looking for 6 hrs or so. Should be great. The Tony Chachere's is where the salt comes in and I increased it a little this time. The last one was remarkable. Just one or two big chunks of Western Apple wood for smoke. IMG_4888.JPG 2,292k .JPG file  , IMG_4890.JPG 1,137k .JPG file  , IMG_4893.JPG 1,800k .JPG file  , IMG_4894.JPG 2,142k .JPG file  . I need to come up with some recipe ideas for a Cajun barbecue sauce. Don't really have any idea of how to start. Needs to be bright red, spicy and Cajun! Imagine that! Any ideas out there? I like to eat my pulled pork with hot sauce. I use different kinds. Might go with a vinegar finishing sauce this time. Ok, we are rolling at 0530 wih temps of 260. Gonna be Good! Will post finished pics later today. Have a good Sunday! Kevin

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What do you mean by cajun?  Is it a flavor your looking for or a process?

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A flavor, I think. like Creole shrimp or something like that. Not sure what I'm looking for. I don't know much about Cajun or Creole. Saw a few sauces for sale, on line. Might have to try one of them to get an idea. kevin

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If you're interested in those flavors, check out Konriko for spices.

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The only authentic Cajun BBQ sauce that I know of is Jack Miller and Pig Stand brand. Both are heavy onion, spices, oil and a bit of tomato. No recipes with me now, but Google should find something.
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