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AMNPS smoking too much. Help!

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I have an MES 30 analog with a PID controller so temp control is great. I got a 5x8 AMNPS and on the last hot smoke and on the two butts I have going now, I cannot keep the AMNPS from igniting pellets in other rows and billowing out smoke. I am 99% sure it is not jumping rows. I have 3 1/2" holes drilled in the bottom right of the unit and the same on the top left, both with adjustable vents that I run wide open. I have the AMNPS sitting on a brick that is placed where the chip tray usually is. Help me save my butts!
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What temp are you smoking at?
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Set at 230. Holding steady there. +/- 2 deg or so.
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Anyway to add some humidity? I.e. water pan. Otherwise maybe just use some chunks of wood instead? I am a newbie but just throwing some stuff out there.
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The AMNPS needs air but too much can cause it to burn faster giving lots of smoke. If the AMNPS is directly over or too close to the Coil it can ignite or again burn too fast giving off too much smoke...JJ

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Hi I like  your set up. You have turned a hard to manage smoker into a good little smoker. About your AMNPS . I agree what the Chef told you. To make sure your rows are not jumping don't over fill the tray. Leave at least 1/4"of space at the top. Some users like 3/8 but you get the idea. Just block off some of your air vents and try it out. I burned a lot of pellets learning what worked for me.  Jted

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

The AMNPS needs air but too much can cause it to burn faster giving lots of smoke...JJ

I am a beginner at pellets and trying to learn. I've used my MAZE twice and 12" TUBE once and am still looking forward to the day I get too much smoke. So far, my results have been just the opposite. I've fed it more air, less air and etc. The pellets seem to burn at the rate they should in both the MAZE (3 hrs per row)  & 12" TUBE ( 4 hrs ).


I am beginning to think that with my knowing how much smoke wood chips give off, that maybe the pellets simply aren't capable of giving off as much smoke as I think they should. 


A question here as to if this is a myth or not ... I have heard from some people that the meat only absorbs the smoke the first 30 minutes to an hr max and any smoke after that is a waste and does nothing to enchance the flavor .... True or not, I have no idea, and I am just asking if this is a myth or not...


I do know that when I smoke with chips, I never smoke with them more than 2 hrs and I have plenty of smoke flavor and sometimes too much. 

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My tray burned too fast today.  I think it too much air flow. 

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