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Chicken and Peach Pie

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I didn't post the Sticky Chicken since I had just done them last week , But our Grandson wanted some  Hot Wings. Sooooo 

I got a package of wings, cut them apart, got the grease going on my side burner and fried those little suckers up to a golden brown..

Let them drain and tossed them in a mixture of Louisiana Hot Sauce (Whole bottle) and Some Sweet Baby Rays. He said they were better than the ones he gets at Buffalo Wild Wings, and next time make them a little hotter.

My Wife made a Peach pie with some of the peaches I had frozin.


Here are a couple of pics






Better late than never  A nice slice for me




And kicking it up another notch  a little Ice Cream to go with some warm pie

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Both look tasty!

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Looks great Gary! Nice job:Looks-Great:

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Nice Wings, Gary!!!:drool


But that Peach Pie has me drooling!!------------:points:


I love Peach Pie!!!:drool


My Second favorite Pie, right after Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Might be a PA Dutch Thing).




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Man that pie looks great.

I bet it went good after them wings.
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I don't eat skin, fat, or bones, Gary, so about all I do with Wings is lick the sauce off them and turf the rest.  Now on the other hand, that Peach Pie....................:sausage::banana_smiley:.   Afraid all I get tonight for desert is Jello instant pudding------sigh.



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Tasty looking,nice job!
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Awesome lookin wings Gary, now I gotta hankerin for wings ! That pie looks absolutely mouthwatering !
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Thanks WHB

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