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My 1st Competition starts tomorrow

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 I am entering my first competition. It is the South Sound BBQ Festival here in Washington State.  I will be cooking Brisket, BabyBacks, Chicken thighs,  Seafood and the open category (smoked meatloaf). I will be using my MES40 and propane Smoker Vault. I will be posting pictures throughout the event so keep an eye out for one stressed out smoker and the guy using it ;)

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Good luck and sweet smoke!

Looking forward to the pics and results!
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I'm all set up and ready to go. The brisket is in.
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Wow Mike, your gonna be a busy guy but you'll rock that comp ! Good luck to ya man ! icon14.gif
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Best of luck! Looking forward to the results and post about your experience!
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Mike, have a ball, get the call, and win it all! 


Looking forward to the pics.  You're already a winner around here!



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The ribs are in.
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Good luck, Mike!  Ribs look good.

That's cool that they're letting you use an electric. The couple that I've checked into up here won't.

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As many of you know, today was my first ever BBQ Competition. I would like to start off with a BIG thank you, to my lovely wife for telling me that I should enter this and pushing me when I wasnt sure about entering.Today with her help and support, I am glad to announce that I placed in 4 of the 5 categories.in Chicken I came in 3rd place. In Brisket I came in 3rd place. In BabyBack Ribs I came in 1st place and in Seafood I came in 1st place. Because of this I am now the 2015 BackYard Joe GRAND CHAMPION. :first: I have many pictures that I will put up here, but for tonight its a shower and bed.

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God Damn!!! Nice cook Mike! Time to start planning your menu to defend your title next year! Lol

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A big GRATS to you... As said above... all the comps I have done.. no electrics or propane allowed... but anyways.. I'm glad your wife pushed ya too... I'm sure you will be making a trip to the E-room to see what that bite is on your leg as you have now been bitten by the "Comp Bug" ...

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better yet.. let me line em up for ya ...

Ribs- first.gif

Seafood - first.gif

Chicken - third.gif

Brisket - third.gif

Overall - congratulation_graphics_2.gif
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Very nice!  :77:

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Way to go! Can't wait to see the pics!superjob.gif
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yahoo.gif That's crazy ! Awesome job my friend..
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Absolutely fantastic Mike!!!! 



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Nice job Mike ! icon14.gif
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This is my brisket entry. I love the smoke ring😏 I got in my electric smoker. That was very simple and I'm sure I will use it again. I will also raise the brisket higher so it doesn't look like it's sinking next time too.
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Mazel tov!! Good job! See? Electrics CAN turn out some fine 'Q!!!
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