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Red Eye from Smoking

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Hi all, 


I've been reading for a while and gained some great tips. I currently smoke using a weber kettle using the indirect method. I use restaurant lump wood charcoal and oak wood however lately I end up with very red eyes after doing this. 


It flares up the next 2/3 days and questions are being asked at work as to what I'm really up to!


I've tried barrier cream and googles (looks form the neighbours as you're tending the meat with them on is interesting)


Does anyone else suffer from this? Any tips?


It is all done outside and has a good breeze.


thanks in advance.



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Sounds like your eyes might be sensitive to the smoke, possibly allergic.  Is the smoke billowing white/grey, or thin blue when you are exposed?  If white/grey you are getting unburned particulates in your eyes that act as an irritant.  If the smoke is thin blue to non-existent, there is significantly less particulate but still combusted compounds that could be irritating your eyes. 


Goggles that are meant to breath to avoid fogging will still allow some smoke access.  You could try swimmer's goggles, applying anti-fog to the inside.


You could also keep a bottle of liquid tears handy whenever using your Kettle and use it a lot.  It would wash the irritant from your eyes. 

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What Noboundaries said.  I would also flush your eyes real good a couple of times during the smoke and at the end of the smoke



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Thanks guys. my smoke is a bit white. I'm using 5-7 month old oak so maybe I should soak it a bit. 


Hopefully wont be an issue once I get the Yoder smoker. 


I'll try the liquid tears too. 


It sometimes happens when direct grilling too. Shame it effects me so much when I love it. 



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You shouldn't have to soak the oak--that will just produce steam until it gets rid of the moisture.



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