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First time w/ Pork Belly

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Alright, here goes nothing.  I'm not sure when I'm tackling this, but I've been told that a relative is picking up a pork belly that he wants me to smoke.  I've never done it, and I lack the equipment to really "cold" smoke, has I run a WSM.


Looking for opinions on curing (assuming you cure it, but maybe that's only for cold smoking?)

Temp to run - I'm not sure how low I can run my smoker and still get smoke (I don't have an AMNPS)

How long does it take/or what IT are you looking for (again, not cold smoking).


And, oh, just about everything and anything else I need to know about?

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U must cure for it to bacon. After its cured it is salt meat and after it is smoked it is bacon. I cute mine out using Tq or a wet cure. After the proper cute time I wash it off and soak it at least a half hour the. A fry test to make sure it's not to salty. If it is I soak it some more. Put in frig for 24 hours So it will dry and take the smoke better. I put it in the smoke for 12 hrs at between 115 and 120 for sure not over 130 I don't want the fat to render out. I don't cook my bacon so the meat never gets over about 105 or 110. Cooking comes when I get ready to eat it
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Awesome info, thank you!  I feel like I'm going to have a bit of an undertaking coming my way!

I'm wondering if I should just go order an AMNPS or the like and cold smoke it?  I highly doubt I'll be able to keep my WSM that low in temp, and as you said, fat rendering probably wouldn't be good :)

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Well I use a mes with cold smoker kit because I can't produce smoke below 189 in my smoker with the cold smoke kit I can. Might want to orde on u have time depending on what way u cure dry or wet u have at least 7 to 10 days befor u will need it
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Thanks Hank - I can produce smoke with mine under 189, but I'd be lighting like 2 coals, and have unlit ones, with a chunk of wood, and cross my fingers!

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Bearcarver has a couple of great tutorials for bacon here:


Keeping smoke going at low temperatures is hard in a WSM. I'd buy an AMNPS from Todd Johnson; it's just so much easier.

For curing, you can do a dry cure, or use Pops wet cure method; that works great and is simple & easy also.


Just follow the instructions, and you can't go wrong.

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I've used both pops wet cure and bears step by step and they are both very very good. Hard to say witch ion I like best so sometimes I do it one way and then I will do it the other next time.
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