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Elk and Coues Deer Roasts

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I have a freezer full of Elk, Coues and some fish. I eat a lot of burger, but haven't found a way I like to use my roasts. I started smoking about a year ago and found Bearcarvers thread on making "Sammies." He used beef for his, but I figured who not try it with some elk and coues. It turned out great and I plan on doing the rest of my roasts this way. Thanks Bearcarver for the informative thread!

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Looks good from here - Glad it turned out for you and looks like there is a :welcome1: aboard due. Hope you enjoy SMF this is a great place with a lot of great people adn recipes. I see that you have joined awhile ago - make sure you make it over to Roll call so we can give you a big welcome.


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Thank you sir, I appreciate the welcome. I'll head over to roll call and introduce myself.

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Nice work! I love to have some of this in my freezer ready for a good sandwich. It goes over really go at elk camp.

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