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Hopefully they are moving east.  Zero here up in Mass.

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For those of you who are hoping it comes into your area I have a suggestion as a Costco Employee. Go to the suggestions kiosk (usually on the way out of the store by the food court) and fill out a form saying you want the pork belly. The buyers for that specific store will see it and it will let them know there is real interest and may move things along. It's not a guarantee but it's better than sitting on your hands.

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Good tip, thanks.  I will try this.  I asked the butcher and he didnt seem to GAS.

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I've found slabs and sliced at the Southlake, Texas location for the last month. If there isn't any sliced out they will package some for you if you ask.
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Bellies in Wenatchee Wa. Got 3 in the cure now.....
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How much were the bellies at the Wenatchee Costco? Might be heading that way soon?
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$2.29..... $2.19 for 5 in a case...
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Originally Posted by Talan64 View Post

Confirmed now at:

Vancouver, Wa - both stores
Hillsboro, Or
Tigard, Or
Santa Cruz, Ca

So it's spreading.  Costco usually starts new products out in Seattle (Kirkland) area, then spreads out from there, so the further you guys are from Costco's home, the longer it may take to get it there, but it might be worth asking someone in charge at the store, and mention the west coast is getting them.

Good luck, so far everything I've seen and people I've talked to are impressed with the quality they are seeing, hopefully taste will be as good.

Add San Dimas, Ca to the list. Just saw it there yesterday. I believe it was $2.29 per pound.
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Kennewick WA has em, $2.59 a LB...
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Yakima Costco has them too. I picked one up yesterday at 2.79 for 9.42 lbs. Hope to start curing this weekend.
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Still nothing here in Mass.

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San Diego / Carmel Mountain just had belly portions, so I asked for the whole cryo slab.  


Cured 6 days, today into the MES with corn cob pellets.


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Price and popularity is starting to go up. My store is now about $3.58 a lb for sliced and $2.99 a lb for whole.

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