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Rain Shelter

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This topic seems to come up here quite often and I'm curious what people are doing/using.


As an owner of an MES 40' unit.  I'm trying to understand/construct the best possible outdoor setup to allow me to smoke year round, in all weather conditions.  I know some of you are fortunate enough to have ventilation/range hoods in a garage/shed/barn to allow for this.  But I'm almost certain that many do not have this luxury.


While the MES manual is clear to state that this smoker should not be underneath ANYTHING without 10 feet! of clearance.  I know that there is little risk here.  As I've run the smoker for 12+ hour smokes and know that it does not produce a large amount of heat on the outside of the unit.  The area beyond 6 inches from any side of the smoker seems normal and unchanged, and a large amount of people here have created chimneys out of 3" duct pipe to help steer the smoke clear of any overlaying structure.


What i'm looking for is suggestions, experience, and pictures of what people are doing in these setups.

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Now if you gave a little more info,like your location someone may be able to help.

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my location is where it rains in the summer, and snows in the winter.  

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So is mine. I am a fair weather smoker. And a amateur weather man.


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Im going to get a composite horizontal shed at some point.  That's probably your best bet but it will cost $200-$300. 

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My fridge build added on next to a small shed 





You could do the same for a MES and raise it up off the floor, store all your different chips and racks, smokers ect in it. 




It rains and snows in my area also :icon_eek: I know you said alot do not have this luxury but I do and took advantage of it LOL  and maybe this will give some one and Idea or two for their MES or other smokers


You may want to think of a pop up awning and tarp 3 of the 4 sides - then it would be portable for you


Good luck 



A full smoker is a happy smoker



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