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Cool.  Yeah my Costco was $1.79 last month but went up to $2.30 which is a huge increase considering pork prices have been coming down a lot.  I was just curious. 

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I cooked the shoulder on Saturday. @270-300 degrees for 12 hours. I used mesquite smoking chips and Billbo's rub. The flavor was excellent but the outside was dry and a bit chewy. Next time I'll wrap in foil after the first two hours or cook for only 10 hours. I also cooked with the smoke chips my potatoes for 2 hours and shucked corn for 1 hour. I oiled both to help keep them moist. They both had good smoke flavor but not over powering. I really liked the corn. Yum yum yum. Once I pulled it, I mixed up some of Billbo's sauce added a bit, not too much, and served it with Torta rolls from Cistco. Everybody raved about how good it all was. Thanks for all the help.
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Costco not Cistco.
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Were you able to find any bone-in at Costco?  I just got off the phone with my local branch and they've only got boneless...$1.89 a pound

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How did you wrap and freeze the second butt?  I need to do the same, but not sure how to wrap the second butt so it doesn't get freezer burned.

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It came separately wrapped in plastic. So I just froze it. I smoked it a few weeks later. I used a new rub and mesquite wood. It had more fat and it came out superb.
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How did this turn out?  I did one a few weeks back, and it turned out much more dry than all the other I have done...of course those were bone in.  Was a little disappointed with the meat, but a great price so can't complain too much.

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Wow, this was a year ago. This came out very nice see my earlier post. I downloaded the Kindle book "Lone Star Brisket" by James Austin. It is a great book on smoking briskets. I recommend downloading it or buying the hard copy. It helps from buying the meat to serving the finished product. He recommends using butcher paper to wraps it instead of foil, so it can breath. I bought a roll, now I have enough for years. It takes forever for the entire process, but well worth it. I also recommend smoking corn, it taste great.

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