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14 lbs. Pork Shoulder fromCostco

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I have a 14 lbs. pork shoulder to smoke to make pulled pork. I haven't smoked anything this large before. Any good rubs to recommend? How long should I smoke it for? 12 - 16 hours? Should I use large chunks of wood or shavings? Thanks.
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The Costco packs are actually 2 X ~7lb butts.  Budget at least 2 hours / lb at 225F - 250F if you dont foil.

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I did two 8.5 lb Costco butts a few weeks ago at 300F, wrapping close to 180F, and they were done in 8 hours plus the rest time.
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That's a good sized shoulder. It's been my experience that shoulders take a little more time than a butt due to more connective tissue so I would plan accordingly. Rubs are a matter of personal preference.

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Thanks, they did pack the 2 7 pounders. I'm freezing one and smoking the other this week-end. I will be using Billbo's rub. I tried it before and it was great.
Pulled pork here i come.
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Remember to pack your rub in the place where they're removed the shoulder!  What did you pay / lb?

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To all you experts out there.

For pulled pork, I figure I should smoke it at 250 deg for 12 hours.

Should I foil it? if so, how does that alter my smoking time or temp?

When should I foil it?

How long to let it rest before pulling?

I want it for my 65th birthday. Can you dig it?


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What smoker are you using. My mini uses direct heat. Last shoulder I cooked at 300 and it was done in 8 hours without foiling. It was 8 lbs
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I have a custom made smoker from a 1932 Westinghouse Refrigerator, with a Brickman heating element and digital thermostate. 




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That's a great lookin smoker.
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At 250 I would plan around 1.5 a lb
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What should the interanl temp. be? Have seen from 180 to 225?

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I don't check the temp. I cook till the bone wiggles loose and is probe tender
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I always take mine to 205 and they pull perfectly.  Be sure to let them rest before pulling.


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I dont foil mine and the bark is amazing.  I budget 2 to 2.25 hours / lb. I take mine to 203F as recommended by Meathead.

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Thanks for all the advise fellas.

Happy Smokin.

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Originally Posted by mummel View Post

 What did you pay / lb?

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Nice smoker I have a old fridge build but different door on the front - hope your smoke goes well, You have a lot of good advice here 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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I loosely follow the renowned Mr Brown method (exact instructions free at virtual weber bullet dot com) but I start with pappys pork rub instead of the diy mix. Cooking should take 12 to 14 hours. It's pretty hard to mess up. You can pull em out anywhere from 190s to 200s. At 190 after a rest it's still got a little firmness to the meat, at 205 it falls apart. I prefer it around 195 or so. Don't bother checking temp until 10 hours or so, you're just poking holes for nothing. As for smoke, keep the smoke going for the fist few hours, it won't absorb much after that unless you're basting it often. The bark is to die for.
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Thanks to all. I paid $2.09 a pound for it.
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