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Follow Up to My July 5th Brisket


First of all I would Like to say Thank you for all the nice Comments on my Brisket.


There is a lot of confusion about Smoking a good Brisket, It’s Not That Hard.

I see all kinds of advice, but the main thing is “Don’t Over Think It”

Keep it simple. After you have a few under your belt and are comfortable start experimenting till you get the flavor profile that you like best.

Pick a good brisket  (See my Brisket Post)


These will explain a lot.


Allow plenty of time, more than you think you will need. If it gets done early, no problem, it will hold great.

Another thing is don’t get hung up on the stall, seems like so many panic, start changing temps and doing all sorts of things to get the temp to start climbing, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT it’s all part of the process. After a few you will know it is going to stall and you will not think a thing about it.

 Try to maintain a constant cooking temp, and a few words about that; too many people get hung up on that. A little fluctuation doesn’t hurt a thing. Sometimes when I open my fire box to add wood the temp climbs, then settles back, when I open the cook chamber door the temp drops, but takes about 3 – 4 min. to recover So don’t sweat it.  Just out of curiosity yesterday, I opened my Cook Chamber door, allowed the temp to drop 25 ° the shut the lid, it took just about 3.5 to 4 min to come back up.


Another thing you don’t have to check the IT all the time. I realize I have smoked a lot of Briskets and it’s pretty much second nature to me, In fact I never check my Brisket Temps. I can tell be looks. feel and time. But yesterday I did it just for an example.

As a rule I usually put about 6 hours of smoke on it before I wrap.

I started using butcher paper (Or Parchment Paper) 4 - 5 years ago, I figure about another 6 hour, but yesterday it was done in 11 total, the one before took 13


To me Brisket is easy, because you don’t have to mess with it.

One time half way through the cook I wrap it, don’t mess with it again till it’s almost ready, I’ll take it out of the paper and let it go another 30 min or so unwrapped to firm back up the bark.

That’s it

Keep it simple, don’t over think it, keep your door closed and you will have a great Brisket.

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Great Advise Gary!!!

My recovery time went way down hill today!!!   Nothing like yours!


My NY Strip Roast started losing temp today & wouldn't come back---Couldn't figure out what was going on!!!


Turned out it quit on me!!!  I had to take it in & finish it in my kitchen Oven!!


I'll have to take a look at it tomorrow---Hopefully just some corroded connectors. First problem I had in the 5 years I have it.




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Hey Gary.


Those 3 posts you sent us to are GREAT!!!  Fantastic tutorials.  Like I told you before, I've only eaten brisket once (didn't care much for it), and smoking one is always classed as being pretty complicated.  After reading what you posted, I'm going to give her a whirl right after the pulled pork.






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Thanks Bear and Gary


Gary if you have any questions just give me a shout,  



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Great info Gary.

I am gonna have to give a packer a shot someday
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Great info Gary.

I am gonna have to give a packer a shot someday


Thanks       It's really not hard

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Excellent advice Gary. I have a flat thawed that will go in tomorrow. Thinking on using oak and pecan this time.

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Oak and Pecan will be a great flavor



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Gary S, On one of the links you posted, I noticed you wrap your ribs in foil and the brisket in BP. Have you ever wrapped the ribs in BP. I was wanting to try this someday.

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Hey good question,  No I have not  and I don't know why not !!!



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Hey, just wanted to say, I tried subbing parchment paper for butcher paper. It did not work. It doesn't absorb the fat like the BP does. Yes, it was unwaxed etc. but it didn't absorb the fat, and so I had a lot of dripping and running and flare ups. Made a hell of a mess in the cooker to be honest.

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