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Combo Smoker Kitchen Thinktank

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Hello Everyone,

 I’m new to all this stuff but an avid fan of smoked meats and also a new resident to the Western Washington area. I’ve done some smoking on kettle style grills and also my treasured PK Griller, but now that we are looking to move into a house soon I’m thinking bigger and more permanent type of setup. This is where I need to pick some brains and start a think tank about how to pull my idea off. So what I’ve always dreamed about building is a woodfired oven/smoker combo with a Santa Rosa style grill to one side. I want to make a traditional looking woodfired pizza oven that can also be used as an offset firebox for a vertical cabinet smoker right next to it. All I know is that the pizza oven would have to sit a little lower than what’s traditional so that whatever is used to divert the smoke would flow better. The devil is in the details and I have no clue as to how to pull it off.


Anyone have any ideas, input, comment and or advice?


Places to find material cheap?


Zoe :439:

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I can't help with the details but I can give you a big hello and welcome to the best damn site on the Internet.
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 Sorry work has been murder and I've been away from the net for a bit.

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