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DR Pepper Rib's

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Okay I posted on the Coca Cola thread that I was using Dr Pepper Cherry as a brine . Now it sounds like I am Bragging and maybe I am but they were Stupid Good !!!! I soaked each rack overnight in 1 can Dr P Cherry. With the silver off the back side of the rib I used Sweet Baby Rays   as an adhesive then  .covered the back with A1 Garlic and Herb rub . Used Baby Rays on the front and used Jeffs rub on the front .Gave the ribs a 3hr smoke cut them and put them in a covered foil pan with 1 can Cherry Dr Pepper in the bottom then drizzled them with Honey and Sweet baby Rays . Cooked at 225 for 4hrs . Now if you like a sweet rib I cannot say I have ever done better , not 1 person added BBQ sauce to their plate !

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Sounds good!



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