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finally got around to posting the pictures of what I did.



Since I had some old angle iron lying around I used that, This is a brace that will go on top of the brackets.


This is the bracket that will get bolted in the smoker where the holes were to the shield that was bolted above the burners.


This is how it will look when it is done in the smoker, There is 2 of these that will hold the wood chip pan.


These are the braces that I made also from stainless steel that a friend gave me, Got this idea from another member on this thread so thanks too him for that,

they are from a tractor trailer mud flap, So if you know anyone who is throwing old mud flaps away they work great for this and their free.

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I have the same smoker, and I am having a lot of problems with temp control. Those two burners are killing me. I have not done any modifications to my smoker and would like to get it to keep a constant temp. How did the project turn out? and can I see pictures of the finished project? I would like to do the same thing to mine if it worked for you. Thanks.

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Haven't tried it yet but I am going to try it hopefully tomorrow, I think the project came out great, Just cut 2 strips 1-1/2 inches wide x 13 inches long, You can bend them in a vise, You want to  measure in from each end  2-3/4 inches then bend, then measure down 1 inch and bend again, then drill a hole in each end to bolt fast where the other rack was bolted, Got the idea from Craig on this tread, As you see in my pictures I also made some other brackets that work great too, the small bracket gets bolted to the smoker then the long brackets get bolted on top of the short ones, you could go to a hardware store an buy some brackets and flat bar for on top of the brackets it might make things easier for you,  I have an 8 inch cast iron pan I bought on Amazon for about $10 that I will use for a wood chip pan, Will but some pictures up tomorrow and your right about those darn burners.

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Looking forward in seeing the finished product,,,,,in action!

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 Craig here are the pictures and thanks for the idea.

I might go with a 10 inch round cake or cast iron pan since there is plenty of room but the 8 inch should be plenty.

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Forgot to mention that the burners are right under the brackets I made, So I'm hoping I can get enough heat to the pan to keep the wood chips burning, Craig do you think that the old ^ shape bracket I took off was made that way so the heat from the burners would hit the bracket and push towards the center and heat the old wood chip pan that sat right above the center of the ^.

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Whats the burn time like on thise propane units? How long is an reg bottle lasting yahs?

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I'm not sure on the burn time so maybe someone else will know, but I did use mine twice so far for about 6 hours and I still have almost a full tank according to my gauge.

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Burn time is really going to depend on your outside temp. I am from west TX and in the summer to keep it at 225 I only have 1 burner on between high and off (hard to get much smoke). When it is cold and windy outside I will have to use much more heat/gas.  

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Thanks guys may consider one in the future 

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Thanks for the pictures, and all the information. I just bought a 10.25" cast iron pan today on amazon. Once it comes in, I will be building the brackets that hold it. Any other mods that are a must to keep temp steady?

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Jimmy1957, Sorry for the late reply.  Looking at those brackets that support the cast iron skillet, I am a little concerned regarding the thickness of those brackets, especially if they do reside right over the burners.  Looks like pretty thin sheetmetal.   Also with those brackets right over the burners, being as wide as those brackets are, they might infact block some of the heat going to the skillet.  My thoughts are a more narrow bracket but also in thicker material to remain very stout.  Say around 3/8-1/2" wide x 1/8" thick?   How wide are those brackets? 


But then again, what you've done there just might work.  No matter what, so far you have done nothing permanent so you can always experiment here and there until you find the perfect fit.

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They are about 1-1/2 inches wide, The material was from a mud flap off a tractor trailer, Not sure on the thickness but will check tomorrow, The material was awful tough to drill in so I'm thinking it is tough metal. What do you think about me moving the brackets further apart so they aren't right above the burners? I could drill new holes in the smoker for the brackets and get a bigger pan to stretch across the burners and rest on the brackets.

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Yes, for that width I think you need to try something else.  I would almost consider using a 1/4" rod material, making a box configuration to support almost any diameter cast iron skillet.  But this will probably require some welding.  If only you lived close to me.....I'd make you a set of brackets. 

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That would be great if we lived closer but I'm getting there with all the help, I'm thinking on moving the brackets further apart so each bracket is on the outside of the burners then taking an old rack from a oven and cutting it down to size to fit across the burners and rest on the brackets, That should let plenty of heat up to the wood chip pan, Finally after how many attempt's and different ideas I think I just might be there.

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Hey guys this is what I did. Haven't tried it out, smoking some pork shoulder Sunday can't wait.

So, I made two brackets out of some 1/2" round bar, 1" high. I am using a 10.25" round cast iron pan. It's still a little small, might get a cast iron cake pan.

Also sealed up the doors with a casket. Here are some pictures.


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I like how you offset the bars, bringing them inward towards the center so they are not directly above the burner tubes.  Good thinking :points:

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Thanks, should I coat them with something? Or just keep them raw steel?

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I probably wouldn't bother coating them. 

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Looks good, I just used mine tonight to make 10 lbs. beef sticks, I'm still having a hard time burning wood and keeping the temperature down to 150 - 170,  Beef sticks didn't come out very good, I used the same recipe that I always use but they come out a lot better in the food hydrator.

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