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Alternate cut for brisket and pulled beef

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to this blog and hope that the experience you guys have will help me with to things that I have.
First off all I'm in the Dominican Republic and beef here is very expensive. I can get cuts of Choice and Prime, but most of them are for direct grilling. The only cut of meat that I can't get to smoke is the brisket and beef for pulled beef.

1. What cut can I use to subtitute the brisket?
2. What cut can I use for pulled beef?

Please any type of advice is valuable.

Waitingfor your reply and thanks,

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Pulled beef is easy, a boneless chuck roast or 7 bone roast, which is also a chuck cut of meat. 


Sliced? Chuck roast works there too but just doesn't have the same cross-sectional consistency you get with a brisket.  You can't call it brisket but it is in the same neighborhood of flavor, with a little imagination.   


I understand shoulder clod works for both too, but I've never done one.   

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I have just recently (few days ago) smoked a chuck roast for 1st time. Got IT up to 195ish. My goodness I wish I had been smoking chuckles long time ago, so good got a 3.5 # today and on pit with hickory wood right now
I foiled mine at 165 IT
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For pulled and chopped beef, we almost always use chuck roasts.  Easy to prep, nice thickness for shredding, and very flavorful!

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