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Camp Chef SmokeVault 24 issues

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I have a Camp Chef SmokeVault 24 and have had a difficult time getting it up to temperature. In my last 3 smokes, all with brand new tanks, only once have I have temperatures where the wood chips actually smoke. I'm debating installing a new burner to see if that helps, but first I will blow our the line just to make sure there is not any debris in there. If anyone has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate the help.
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Sounds like you may have a regulator issue.  Before you replace it give it another try making sure the smoker is off when you open the gas valve.

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I agree with above. Also the Gasser guy's have tons of trouble with Spiders. The Venturi Air/Gas tube is up scale housing for the little bugger's. A Yellow flame is a good indicator...JJ

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I'm new to the forum and also have a new SMV24S.  I don't know if this is a forum faux pas, but I have to ask if you resolved your issue because I also have the same problem.  My first smoke was with two full racks of ribs and a large port butt and it turned out perfectly, temps held solid at 325 with the dial just below medium.  When I tried smoking some chicken legs last week I couldn't get the temp above 280 with the dial as high as it would go.  I understand the regulator issue, I've had that happen with my grill and have disconnected and let it reset with no luck.  I am grilling again today and can't break 270.  Looking for a hero here.  Thanks!

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